How many hours do Fellows work?

approximately 1800 hrs in the Emergency Department, roughly 15 ten hour shifts per month

How many procedures does each Fellow do in a year?

Based on our nearly-complete first year of the program

10-15 chest tubes

50-70 ED intubations

20 OR intubations

25-30 central venous catheters

20-30 arterial lines

10-20 thoracentesis

20 paracentesis

150-200 Emergency Ultrasounds

50 procedural sedations

30 orthopedic reductions

Initial evaluation and management of 150-200 Trauma Patients

How much time to Fellows spend on outside services such as Trauma, Critical Care, and Anesthesia?

2-3 days per month often broken into shorter time periods of a few hours, such as in the OR with Anesthesia or Trauma Surgery, trauma rounds, critical care rounds, focussed ventilation management, critical care ultrasound and other experiences

How much to Fellows Make?

$90,000 per year plus benefits package including health

Do your Fellows Moonlight? 

Yes, they are encouraged to work at outside locations such as regional Emergency Departments, Urgent Care, and with our local Family Medicine residency programs

What are the highlights of your program?

  • 1800 clinical hours in the Emergency Department, Level 2 Trauma Center
  • Evaluation and management of the full spectrum of adult and pediatric patients that present to MMCR with issues related to: trauma, critical care cardiovascular, pulmonary, neurologic, renal, psychiatric, and others
  • Supervision by Emergency Physicians and other sub-specialties including: Trauma Surgery, Critical Care, Anesthesia, Hospitalists, and others
  • Procedural training and simulation experience with emergency, trauma and other critical procedures (please refer to a procedure list submitted by the individual for details)
  • Difficult airway management
  • Emergency Ultrasound procedures: FAST, vascular access, aorta, pelvic, gallbladder, kidneys, heart, soft tissue
  • Over 100 hours of didactic and multidisciplinary conferences covering a core breadth of Emergency Medicine curriculum, teaching resident lectures, journal clubs, and giving Grand Rounds at MMCR
  • Longitudinal experiences with Trauma Surgery, Critical Care, and Anesthesia