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Supervising Physicians Excellence

How to Give Effective Feedback Giving Effective Feedback in the ED, ALiEM Viper video, Dr. Lin and Dr. Choo, 2011   Resident Presentations Video and linked article, AMRA, 2015   Patient Presentations, EM in 5, Dr. Pickens, 2015   Teaching When Time is Limited, BMJ Dr. Irby and Dr. Wilkenson, 2008   Mentoring and Emergency Medicine- Read More …

EM Journal Club: SOFA and qSOFA utility? and Kidney Injury with Contrast?

May 18, 2017 Articles: An Emergency Department Validation of the SEP-3 Sepsis and Septic Shock Definitions and Comparison With 1992 Consensus Definitions.  Henning et al.  Annals of Emergency Medicine 2017 This was a secondary analysis of 3 prospectively collected, observational cohorts of 7,754 Ed patients with suspected infection, aged 18 years and older to evaluate Read More …


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