Trauma 3

Fellow reading assignment
Tintinalli’s Emergency Medicine, 8th edition chapters: 261, 262, 263 (Pulmonary, Cardiac, and Abdominal Trauma)


Procedure Videos from UN Maryland Emergency Medicine Residency and Critical Procedure Videos with associated lecture links

Tube Thoracostomy

Resuscitative Thoracotomy


Needle vs Knife II, Needle Thoracostomy? (also with needle thoracostomy video) EMCrit Podcast 62, Weingart 2011


Traumatic Arrest, EMCrit Podcast 36, Weingart 2010


Open Thoracotomy video, Mellick 2013


Emergency Pericardiocentesis video, Fitch 2013


Emergency Department Thoracotomy, EAST 2015


ED Thoracotomy,

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