Trauma 1

Trauma in Adults, Pediatrics, Geriatrics, and Pregnancy

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Pediatric Trauma, Emergency Medicine cases, 5/2017, Dr. Helman


AIR Series ALiEM: Trauma Module 2017


Critical Procedures Videos: Resuscitative thoracotomy, tube thoracostomy, cricothyrotomy, lateral canthotomy and other trauma and critical care videos, University of Maryland


Damage Control Resuscitation for patients with major trauma, BMJ 2009 


51 min video- Hemostatic Resuscitation by Dr. Richard Dutton, EMCrit 2011


2 min video- Perimortem C-section Simulated Procedure by Jason Wagner at Wash U EM Residency


13 min viedo- Peri-Mortem C-Section presentation from 2013 EMCrit conference


emDocs Practice Updates, Pediatric Trauma Pearls and Pitfalls by Dr. Morrissey and Dr. Fairbrother


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